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EPPP (E-triple-P)—Electronics Post-simulation Python Package—is a project I started in the summer of 2014 while avoiding watching a football cup in my football-crazy home village. Back then, it was just a set of Python functions to help me perform signal analysis on some of my planned electronics projects. However, the library grew way faster than the actual electronics projects did, and pretty much whenever I have needed to program something electronics-related, it has ended up in EPPP. Although, some of those things have also been scrapped since. Thus, at this stage, I don't really know exactly what the scope of EPPP will be. All I know is that it is an Python library to help analyze electronics, into which I keep dumping new functionality every once in a while, some of which end up in a really convenient command-line utility, epppu (EPPP utils).

Because of the uncertainty of what EPPP actually is, it must be considered alpha software—everything is subject to change and nothing can be trusted to be working properly. However, feel free to use it; Some of the command-line functionality is really convenient and chances are you don't want to live without it once you have tried it out. Read more at the GitHub page where it's available under the GNU General Public Licence (version 3 or later).

Why the weird name?

Well, I basically couldn't think of anything better1. If you haven't already figured it out, it's supposed to sound similar to IEEE (I-triple-E) which is an organization spanning many disciplines of which a major one is electronics.

1I'm unsure whether this is because it already has an optimal name or what's going on.